InjuredPixels 3: Check your PC or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or other defects.

InjuredPixels 3

Pixels to easily check your PC or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or other defects. InjuredPixels can be run directly, without installation. Use it to test screens in the store, before buying, or during the warranty period, as you may get a replacement according to the manufacturer`s dead pixel policy. InjuredPixels fills the entire screen with a primary or custom color, helping you to easily spot pixels that do not match the selected color

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Dvana Dead Pixel Checker Systematically find all the dead or broken pixels on your monitor.

Dvana Dead Pixel Checker

pixels which are stuck on, i.e. always showing a color or, stuck off, never showing that color. Armed with this information, you can see the quality of your panel and maybe if it`s bad enough, get a replacement from your supplier. This free utility is designed to help you detect dead pixels and to ensure your monitor is working to its best. Only you can find the dead pixels, so please look carefully. The program cannot detect the dead pixels automatically

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Pixel Ruler 2: Pixel Ruler is a simple to use screen ruler. You can measure de distance.

Pixel Ruler 2

- Ruler is a very simple to use screen ruler. You can measure de distance (in pixels) between to points or the length of a graphic item (window, draw, paper, etc). FEATURES: - you can switch between vertical and horizontal placement - semi transparency - it stays on top of any other windows - hyper long cursor for better precision - can be extended/reduced as you need it - it is really small - it is freeware - single file

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PixelShips Retro 1.12: Fly and collect 160 different toy ships in this retro-styled space shooter.

PixelShips Retro 1.12

PixelShips Retro is a space shooter designed to look and feel like an old 1980`s arcade game, but with many features older 80`s games didn`t have. There are 160 different PixelShips you can collect as you pilot them through 50 randomly generated maps filled with enemy drones, force fields, volcanos, turrets, and other hazards. The real-time game engine used is just one of the many features that sets PixelShips Retro apart from other retro-styled

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PixelPal 2.0: Quickly determine what color is being used on a website or your desktop.

PixelPal 2.0

PixelPal will allow you to quickly find the exact RGB color you are viewing on your screen. With a move of your mouse, PixelPal will allow you to choose the perfect color by enabling you to zoom in on the color of your choice. Control keys: Enter - keep the focus on the PixelPal window. Arrow keys - move the focus of the cursor one pixel. Ctrl key - show the window area behind the cursor at the moment the Ctrl key is pressed. Shift - show the relative

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Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0: It is a program for calculating pixels from DPI and inch size of a photo.

Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0

pixels, DPI, and inches go together? An example: an image should be printed as 6x4.5 inch in 300 DPI resolution. What should be the size of the image in pixels? It is important that you need to set both values DPI and size. Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator will suggest the size for your resizing, but you can choose your own. The program does not resize images, use Mihov Image Resizer to do that job. Remember: If the exact DPI/size is not an absolute

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PixelShips 1.87: Collect and fly 160 different toy ships in this arcade space shooter.

PixelShips 1.87

PixelShips is an old and fast space shooter where the ships you fight are also the ships you fly. There are 160 different toy ships you can collect and do battle with among randomly generated landscapes, using 10 different kinds of weapons arranged in various firing patterns and rapidity rates. Your ultimate goal is to find and store all 160 different PixelShips into your database.

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My Colored Pixels 1.0: Pixels will change color screensaver.

My Colored Pixels 1.0

Pixels will change to a random color. You have an option to color every pixel slowly or very fast like.

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Webmaster`s Toolkit 1.71: Toolkit for measuring sizes and eyedropping of everything display on the screen.

Webmaster`s Toolkit 1.71

pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker. Common Features -pixel ruler for measuring the distance with perfect accuracy up to a pixel; -choice of any color with a PhotoShop-style Color Picker; -displaying values in most common formats (HEX, RGB, CMYK) -picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen; -adjusting the color. This program might be useful for web developers who often face the

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Pixy Color 6.1.2: Easily see the color of any pixel in RGB, HTML, VDS, HEX, CHEX and CMY.

Pixy Color 6.1.2

pixel colour reporting programs, simple to use, easy to understand pixel color reporting. Using Pixy Color saves you time and increases productivity, because you don`t have to waste time print screening or using paint programs to find the colour of a pixel. With a simple Follow Mouse function, you can see exactly the colour of the pixel your mouse is pointing at. You will be able to see the colour of any pixel anytime easily, shown to you in RGB,

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